Goal £53,250


Our Self Sustaining Project takes place annually in West Bengal and Bangladesh. We provide individuals with the tools, specific training and cash if necessary for them to start up their own business or trade. Our Projects include the following:

  • Providing milking cows or goats to widows so they can sell the milk of the animal and provide for their families
  • Providing widows with sewing machines and spinning wheels so they can set up their own business and earn a sustainable income
  • Providing Boats and Rickshaws to the poor and needy men so they can set up their own transportation business.
  • We facilitate the marriages of poor orphan girls, and provide them with a pack which will include all the essentials for them to start a new life.

How Our Donors Benefit:

Income Generation schemes are a great source of Sadaqah Jariyah (ongoing rewards) for the donor and lead to innumerable rewards. Many beneficiaries continuously send supplications of forgiveness for those who helped them start again.

The prophet (Peace be upon him) said:

It is better that a person should take a rope and bring a bundle of wood on his back to sell so that Allah may preserve his honour, than that he should beg from people (regardless of whether they give to him or refuse him.'[Bukhari]

Self-Sustaining project Price List:


*Animal and Aqiqah funds donated are strictly used for Lillah only.