It is now even easier to donate to your favourite cause. We have set up a mobile phone texting method of giving donations using JustTextGiving by Vodafone. All you do is save this special texting phone number (70070) into your phones contacts list or just... read more

Al Hamdulillah, Caravan of Mercy has a number of humanitarian and charitable projects in different parts of the Gambia. Such projects include child and adult education, food, clothing and Quran distribution and building projects. Serrekundading is a villa... read more

Flash floods in Malawi leave at least 200,000+ homeless and 176 are confirmed dead Nearly 200,000 thousand people in southern Malawi have fled their homes in the wake of huge flooding across the south of the country. A state of emergency was declared on 1... read more

Last day to donate to the Malawi Floods Appeal. £25 will provide a family with: Blankets Black sheeting for shelter Flour Water Purification Tablets Plastic utensils Maize seeds Zakaat, Sadaqah & Lillah donations accepted. DONATE ONLINE NOW! OR CALL ... read more

Fresh allegations of chlorine gas attacks in SYRIA Opposition activists post videos purportedly showing victims of Monday night’s attacks – including three children in burial shrouds: Due to a large influx of refugees int... read more

The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said: Any Muslim who gives a Muslim a garment to wear will be in Allah’s safekeeping as long as a shred of it remains on him. (Ahmad, Tirmidhi) The clothes you donate will not be sold or recycled, instead we sort them... read more

Caravan of Mercy has launched an appeal for suffering families in Yemen. Thousands of families in Yemen have been forced to leave their homes as a result of fighting and airstrikes. Families are struggling to access healthcare, food, water and fuel – ba... read more

Emergency Refugee Crisis Appeal The ongoing crisis in the Middle East and North Africa is forcing thousands of families to flee from their homes in search of refuge. In many places, local services are straining to meet the needs of the vulnerable people a... read more